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Fiddlehead Farm & Apothecary is a fledgling 5-acre wild and regenerative collective land project in North Chesterfield, Virginia. We wish to respectfully acknowledge that this land is occupied Monacan Nation land.


Fiddlehead is working to cultivate a diversified food and medicine forest, specializing in medicinal mushrooms, medicinal herbs, wild foods, and perennial vegetables. Through our classes and workshops on gardening, herbs, and medicine making, we strive to keep this earth-based herbal tradition alive in our community.

We seek to facilitate a space for people to gather and reconnect with the soil, the insects, the plants, to bring that inspiration back to their homes and neighborhoods.



Fiddlehead brings the farm to you by offering horticultural services in the form of garden design, install, and maintenance.


We take a holistic, regenerative approach to the health and beauty of your gardens, prioritizing soil food web stimulation and a balanced ecosystem within your outdoor space.

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"Hiring Alexandra was one of the best decisions I've made this year. She has given our yard life and the attention it has deserved. Personally I didn't have the knowledge or time to spruce up our front and back yard the way I wanted, and Alexandra has gone above and beyond to make it happen. Her approach to any project is thought through with detail, keep it budget friendly and also reflects our style. I will recommend Alexandra to anyone wanting to transform or simply maintain their yard."         -Bethany


  • POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Spring Fling on the Farm! Farm Warming & Spring Celebration
    Time is TBD
    200 N Courthouse Rd, 200 N Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA 23236, USA
    Come visit the farm for our first annual Spring Fling/official Farm Warming Celebration!
  • Exploring Indigo + Shibori
    Sun, Jul 11
    Fiddlehead Farm
    Jul 11, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Fiddlehead Farm, 200 N Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA 23236, USA
  • Kombucha 101- Brew Your Own Kombucha!
    Sat, Oct 12
    Sneed's Nursery
    Oct 12, 2019, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
    Sneed's Nursery, 8756 W Huguenot Rd, Richmond, VA 23235, USA
  • Botanical Bundle Dye Workshop
    Sun, Sep 29
    200 N Courthouse Rd
    Sep 29, 2019, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    200 N Courthouse Rd, 200 N Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA 23236, USA
    Immerse yourself in the wonders of natural color! Alex Foster of Foster Fiber will lead us through the basics of the plant dyeing process by exploring the local flora of Fiddlehead Farm.

2021 Volunteer Days


Dress Code (of Ethics)

At Fiddlehead Farm, we strive to foster mutual growth through practicing nonviolence, consent, respect, and compassion. Our Dress Code serves as the expectations and standards we hold for ourselves and everyone visiting the farm.


Nonviolence: This includes using correct pronouns, not commodifying sacred ceremonial indigenous herbs such as white sage and palo santo. Non-black folks with dreads will be asked to leave.


Consent: Honor emotional and physical boundaries. Receive explicit verbal consent before going in for a hug or other physical touch, bringing up a potentially triggering topic, etc.


Respect and Compassion: We recognize that language is a powerful tool that can facilitate healing or harm. As we work to unlearn harmful behaviors, we hold space for gentle correction and receive feedback with an open heart while acknowledging this is an inherently uncomfortable process. We believe this discomfort signifies potential for growth and prioritize the safety of marginalized communities in this process.


If you are unfamiliar with the ways certain behaviors perpetuate harm, we’ve compiled a list for further reading:

Wheelchair Accessibility: The outside area is relatively flat, with no barriers between parking and activity area. In order to access the indoor bathroom, there is a step up onto the porch, a step down into the mudroom, and a step up into the bathroom. The bathroom has a narrow door-frame. A wheelchair accessible outdoor composting toilet is on our to-do list.

Alexandra (Allie) Hawley

Horticulturist * Farmer * Herbalist

She/They/He/any pronouns

Allie has been working in the green industry since 2013 as a landscaper, nursery & garden center associate, private residential gardener, and CSA & farmers market coordinator. She has taught various classes concerning wildcrafting and home medicine-making at numerous convergences, class series, and garden centers. In February of 2016, Allie co-founded the Richmond Herbalism Guild with which she taught and organized monthly classes and workshops until September 2017. In May of 2017, she received her A.A.S. in Horticulture and Career Studies Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from J. Sargeant Reynold Community College. Allie operates and provides Fiddlehead's horticultural services.


Caroline White

Horticulturist * Farmer * Arborist


Caroline has been working in the green industry since 2015 in roles including sales at a garden center, custom container gardening design and installation. Here she also taught classes on container gardens, composting, and plant health and biology. In the spring of 2017 Caroline recieved an A.A.S. in Horticulture and Career Studies Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from J. Sargeant Reynold Community College. She received her TCIA Arborist Certification in the winter of 2019 and is currently working at Truetimber Arborists, Inc. as a climbing arborist.