• Allie

Welcome to the off-grid full-time living RV renovation chronicles

I up and bought myself a 1984 Mallard park model RV, something I've always dreamed of but more in a far-off sense, until this year the universe lit a fire under my ass and I realized now is the time! I will be spending the next few years renovating and converting it into a 100% off-grid home for myself and my critters, including solar and rainwater harvesting.

In the hours upon hours of research I've done, the one thing I managed to miss is this: leveling and stabilizing an RV for a permanent living situation is a whole thing. So learn from me, when you get your RV delivered/have someone park it for you, make sure it's level from the get go. Leveling with jacks can warp the chassis and cause your doors and windows to not open or close properly, your refrigerator to not run properly, among other problems. So my first task is to get the RV level and stabilized by this upcoming weekend.

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