Horticultural Services


Fiddlehead takes a holistic, regenerative approach to the health and beauty of your gardens, prioritizing soil food web stimulation and a balanced ecosystem within your outdoor space.


We specialize in the creation of food forests, butterfly and pollinator gardens, and vegetable and herb production.


edible & medicinal

plant identification

During this on-site (YOUR site!) land survey, I walk you through identification, medicinal and culinary uses & preparations of what is already growing in your yard.

"Hiring Alexandra was one of the best decisions I've made this year. She has given our yard life and the attention it has deserved. Personally I didn't have the knowledge or time to spruce up our front and back yard the way I wanted, and Alexandra has gone above and beyond to make it happen. Her approach to any project is thought through with detail, keep it budget friendly and also reflects our style. I will recommend Alexandra to anyone wanting to transform or simply maintain their yard."



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